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Snow Globe Winter Evening

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To describe the stark allure of winter, we turn to Basho’s simple haiku: "Winter solitude in a world of one color — the sound of wind.” In our Winter Blue globe, we follow his words to capture the icy blue of the cold months, casting a monochromatic glow over the beautiful, quiet landscape.

Diameter: 10 cm.
Height: 12,6 cm.

The snow globe comes in a beautiful gift box

How do I take care of my globe?

First and most important, keep it out of direct sunlight.
Sunlight shining through the water acts as a magnifier lens and can cause a fire.
Sunlight can also cause the water in the globe to turn color
Dust it with a soft cloth.  Glass cleaner is fine on the globe.
Our globes are made of glass and are not toys for children.

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