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Snow Globe Train

Snow Globe Train

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Modeled after a classic 1880 steam engine, our Train water globe charges through the high desert with an engineer and brakeman at the ready. Imagine 140 years ago… The strength and sound of human ingenuity connecting the coasts as it cut through the landscape. When the train came to town it brought more than people, news, mail, and supplies. It brought the future.

Diameter: 10 cm.
Height: 12,6 cm.

The snow globe comes in a beautiful gift box

How do I take care of my globe?

First and most important, keep it out of direct sunlight.
Sunlight shining through the water acts as a magnifier lens and can cause a fire.
Sunlight can also cause the water in the globe to turn color
Dust it with a soft cloth.  Glass cleaner is fine on the globe.
Our globes are made of glass and are not toys for children.

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