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Green Pin
Green Pin
Green Pin

Green Pin

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Why not let a few sprouts grow in your office or home? A life where green is kept close is a life of contentment.  

Maintaining plants may be easier said than done, but the adorable and courageous sprouts of each Green Pin will add a carefree bit of life to business cards, photos, and whatever else you hold dear.

Add a fresh perspective to your room or office.

Package includes: 4 green colour pins and 1 light green pin for a total of five pieces.

Attention for use:
The needle might break off if removed from board incorrectly.
Please make sure the pin is in a vertical position before pulling it out.
Please handle with care as the pin is sharp.
Please keep away from children.
Please do not use it on too hard surfaces or for posting up anything heavier than paper products.

Product size : W14 × D4 × H13mm
Material: Polycarbonate, Stainless steel

Joonhyun Kim

Designer Profile:
Born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea. Majored in Industrial Design at Konkuk University. Received the bronze prize in the 2008 Muji International Design Competition, and was also awarded the bronze prize in the 2009 International Design Excellence Awards exhibition. His design philosophy is to find solutions by embracing subtle shortcomings in life.

Designer Comment :
This pushpin resembles a sprouting plant with a unique shape that keeps the needle from facing upwards if dropped. I designed it with the innocence of a sprout emerging from concrete in mind.
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