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Evolution Eraser
Evolution Eraser
Evolution Eraser

Evolution Eraser

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Can progress come from failure?

With the Evolution Eraser it can. The more you erase, the more it evolves! Start with the ape end of the eraser to see it gradually change into a human being, or use the other end to see the precess reverse itself. Enjoy watching mankind's long evolutionary journey sped up to a mere instant, whenever you want! It's more than just and eraser too-it's both a stamp and a nice little decoration! Try it out!

When not in use as an eraser it becomes an art object on your desk. Cut it into slices and display the process of evolution in front of you. Or use it as a stamp.

Notes for use:
There might be a possibility that the eraser will stick to a plastic sheet or ruler if left there for a long time.
As this eraser is a non-PVC, there may be oil that could be transferred to the paper. However, this does not affect the quality of the eraser.    

How to use:
Watch it evolve or de-evolve as you use it to erase mistakes.  
Cut the eraser at certain intervals and use it as a stamp.
It can also be used as a decoration for your desk.

Product size : W60×D28×H55mm

Material: Non-PVC

Hiroyuki Shiratori

Designer Profile:
Born in Japan's Chiba prefecture in 1984, Yusuke Shiratori went on to spend time in Germany after graduating from Tama Art University. Upon his return, he began working independently, and is now advancing a number of projects in various fields in addition to design.

Designer Comment :
I had a lot of trouble with grammar while I was studying German abroad at language school. Needless to say, I was always using my eraser. That's when it occurred to me how awesome a transforming eraser would be?one that changes into something cool, instead of just plain erasing. And so, the Evolution Eraser was born. If you start with the ape end of the eraser, you'll see it gradually change into a human. Start with the human end, and it will revert to an ape.
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