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DRYING SACKs for Boots & Shoes
DRYING SACKs for Boots & Shoes

DRYING SACKs for Boots & Shoes

EUR 38.00
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Freshen your footwear everyday with the very efficient DRYING SACK Set, a combination of highly-absorbent, deodorizing diatomaceous earth (DE) & charcoal. (For repeated use, allow the sacks to dry out in the air & sun periodically.)

Diatomaceous Earth:
Millions of years ago in the Earth’s oceans, microscopic single-celled plants called Diatoms took minerals from the water and created protective shells for themselves. When they died, they drifted to the ocean floor to eventually become vast deposits. Now part of dry land, these deposits known as Diatomaceous Earth are harvested, milled, and ground into a talc-like powder, before being molded to create soil products.

Material: Diatomaceous Earth & Charcoal
Dimensions: 7 x 5 × 14cm
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