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BATH MAT light
BATH MAT light

BATH MAT light

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A bath mat made of mud?

This amazing bath mat is really made of soil, or more specifically, Diatomaceous Earth; a naturally occurring, highly absorbent material which retains water very efficiently, dries quickly, and has very effective deodorizing properties. Particularly good to use in environments where space is limited, the texture of the soil bath mat feels great on the soles of the feet. Enjoy the sensation of moisture being sucked away. Available in three, 100% natural colors from Akita and Ishikawa prefectures, Diatomaceous Earth is harvested and molded with nothing added.

Diatomaceous Earth:
Is a remarkable, all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants. Millions of years ago in the Earth’s oceans, microscopic single-celled plants called Diatoms took minerals from the water and created protective shells for themselves. When they died, they drifted to the ocean floor to eventually become vast deposits. Now part of dry land, these deposits known as Diatomaceous Earth are harvested, milled, and ground into a talc-like powder, before being molded to create soil products.

Sakan Plastering:
Sakan plastering is a technique to plaster soil or cement on the walls and floors using a trowel. The word “sakan” (plasterer) derives from a title which was conferred to Hatao Koze by the Japanese Emperor for the construction of earthen walls around the Imperial Palace in 645. From the middle of the 16th century to the 19th century, sakan plastering technique developed through various plasterworks such as outer baileys of castles, earthen walls for teahouses and interior walls, and the traditional technique was handed down through generations. Recently plastering has been attracting attention as a method to create an ecologically sound space free from the artificiality of modern building techniques.

Material: Diatomaceous Earth
Size: 425 X 575 X 9.5 mm.

WHITE: Akita diatomaceous earth
PINK: Ishikawa Prefecture diatomaceous earth
GREEN: Akita diatomaceous earth + Ishikawa Prefecture Asagi soil
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