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About NIJI

NIJI is located less than one-hour south of Copenhagen in Denmark in the beautiful soundings near Gisselfeld Castle in the house that was built for the counts doctor in the late 1880’s, the house is known as “The doctor house”. Our showroom is a huge loft with a great view over the fields.

We are a European sales- and design agency and our product range include furniture, lightning and accessories. All products are in high quality and design that will last year after year. We represent companies from USA, Germany, Japan and Norway.

Did you know that NIJI means rainbow in Japanese? It is always interesting to dream about what you will find at the end of the rainbow....
NIJI     GISSELFELDVEJ 18     DK-4690 HASLEV     TLF. +45 26 15 05 65     INFO@NIJI.DK