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19.30 Relax
19.30 Relax

19.30 Relax

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24/7 Wellness tea, from the Oldest Tea House in Norway Black Cat

19.30 - drink it every night. a fruit tea with cinnamon. a hectic life demands a daily dose of cinnamon. It has a wonderfully relaxing effect. the spice also contains the polyphenol MhCP that assembles insulin. this makes it easier to lose weight. Cinnamon is used against diarrhea and infections and
is thought to have a positive effect on fat and dangerous cholesterol. Cinnamon contains antioxygenous ingredients which has an inhibitory action on viruses and bacteria. Let your body relax.

Use one tea bag per cup at a water temperature of 90-100 degrees Celsius. Let it infuse for 4-6 minutes.

Cinnamon, apple, almonds (may contain traces of other nuts), beetroot, citric acid of bitter almonds, naturally avoured with brittle (a candy made of nuts and sugar) and with cinnamon. to be stored dry and cool protected from the sun.

Each tin contains 15 teabags with loose tea leaves.

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